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The production of technical rubber articles in Schärding has its history

Founded in 1946 by Dipl.Ing. Alexander Kubai sen., former director of the company Semperit in Traiskirchen . From 1967, his son Max Kubai leads the company.

The current owner, Alexander Kubai jun., went to school at the HTL St. Pölten, then studied “Plastics Technology” at the University of Leoben, and entered the company in 1988. In 1991, he took over the company from his father Max Kubai.

2019  Ing. Mag. Erich Trunkenpolz took over the company.

“After the successful takeover by CAB, we now have the opportunity to offer products in this segment in proven CAB quality with an unbeatable price / performance ratio, ” explains Trunkenpolz.


Foundation of the company by Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Kubai senior, previously director of the Semperit Reifen plant in Traiskirchen. The company is based in an outbuilding of a farm in St. Florian am Inn. At that time, the company dealt with the repair of rubber boots, bicycle tubes, bicycle blankets, car tubes and car tires after the war.

Start of the production of technical rubber items. The company is based in a RAD barracks in Schärding, right next to the current location. First, spare parts for automobiles were produced. Later on, new parts for cars, tractors and motorcycles were manufactured (customers: Steyr-Daimler-Puch, Rotax, KTM, HMW).

Delivery to the washing machine industry (Eudora). Opening of the wholesale trade for car tires.

Construction of the company building in Schärding.

Takeover of the company by Max Kubai.

Expansion of the company building; Construction of the tire service hall.

Expansion of the company building; Extension of the production hall.

Takeover of the Huffsky company in Wels. As a result, the start of the “roll production” production department. Coating of wheels and rollers (carriage wheels, band saw wheels, transport rollers).

Leasing the tire trade; Focus on production

Acquisition of a large cylindrical grinding machine. From now on, transport rollers can be processed up to a coating length of 2m.

Takeover of the company by Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Kubai jun. Start of the “injection molding” production department.

Expansion of the company building; Extension of the production hall.

Expansion of the production area.