Hoses, bends, reductions ...

Conveying hoses are an important component when transporting abrasive media. Lining with high-quality natural rubber materials has proven itself for many years, especially in the wet-abrasive area.

The use of natural rubber coatings (e.g. Linatex) significantly reduces wear and tear and the hoses can be used for several years without hesitation.

With TUBEflex hoses, CAB has launched a revolutionary product that has met with great approval from many customers.

The combination of very high wear resistance and extreme flexibility make TUBEflex hoses an unbeatable product in this market segment.

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• Extremely high wear resistance thanks to the natural rubber core
• Long service life and low operating downtimes
• Vibration dampening and gentle on pumps, bearing blocks; Screw connections
• Maximum reduction of the noise level inside the pipeline
• Minimizes contractions and expansions of steel pipes when exposed to heat
• Easy assembly and fastening even in angled areas

Pipelines with solids-laden suspensions e.g. in sand and gravel works Pressure and drainage pipes for mineral applications such as:

– Quartz, hard rock, corundum, slag, sludge, waste water

More products from our range of conveying and special hoses:

LinaFlex reducers as a flexible connection between different diameters for abrasive media.

Can also be used as pump connection pieces, available from DN 50 to DN 300 for the suction and pressure side. Special sizes on request., available from DN 50 to DN 300 for the suction and pressure side. Special sizes on request.

  • LinaFlex hose, bends and steel elbow
  • Pipe elbows as rubberized steel elbows or flexible hose bends in tight spaces in the assembly area. Inserts for abrasive media; long service life and ease of maintenance. Diameters from DN 50 to DN 400 available.