moulded rubber parts

Molded parts are brought into shape by a pressing process. Whether a simple compression mold or the injection molding process is used here depends on the number of pieces, quality, economy and also the geometry of the article. Subsequent vulcanization changes the rubber from a plastic to an elastic state under the influence of temperature, pressure and time.

Molded rubber parts are particularly suitable for damping, sealing, insulating and protecting and thus offer almost unlimited application possibilities.

Here are some practical examples: rubber buffers, seals, fold linings, flanges, rings, handles, sleeves, …

They can be found as rubber buffers, seals and much more in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering, the electrical and vehicle construction industry, energy technology, as well as agricultural and environmental technology. Many molded parts are not standard or norm parts, but are developed and manufactured to order.

Not only molded parts are manufactured according to customer requirements, but also rubber-metal connections, hollow springs and many other parts.