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Rubber Udder from DI Kubai in Schärding/Austria

Our Products:

Artificial Rubber Udder

Rubber Udder in execution true to nature; teats with patented foam rubber employment, in order to ensure a feeling-genuine milking.

A rack is suitably available. The milking rack consists of a framework with cover plate, between which the flange of the ubber udder is fixed. The four legs are easily replaceable, with pushed in rubber-glean serving as foot.

The rubber udder was originally designed for agricultural technical schools, to teach future farmers milking by hand. This ability is still necessary in our modern times, milking machines can fail, but anyway, the cows must be milked. Recently the rubber udder is also used in tourism (milking duels as jamboree).

Standard types:

The rubber udder is produced in the versions "black" and "white". However, it is to be considered, that black rubber qualities are generally more durable. For employment in schools and for milking contests only the black teats should be used.

The rack is available in "high-grade steel" and "wood".
The steel rack is completely made of high-grade steel, without painting.
The wood rack consists of a framework made of multi-layer plate with unscrewable hardwood legs.

Special types:

Following special types can be supplied on order:

without surcharge:

against surcharge:

You can find the individual prices in the price list.

For orders please use the purchase order form.

Life span and repair

The teats are subject to wear when milking. They become leaky and exhibit surface cracks.
Such defective teats you can replace yourself. If desired, the repair can also be done by us.

Technical details

The rubber udder has an edge at the top side, which is used as mounting flange. This flange fits exactly into the rack, and is fastened with six screws.

Of course it is possible to fit the rubber udder into any other rack. In this case the rubber udder can be supplied without bores in the mounting flange.

rubber udder black

rubber udder black

length: 42,5 cm
width: 31,5 cm
height: 24 cm
weight: 1,5 kg

rubber udder white

rubber udder white

length: 42,5 cm
width: 31,5 cm
height: 24 cm
weight: 1,9 kg

steel rack for rubber udder

steel rack

length: 45 cm
widht: 32 cm
height: 60 cm
weight: 6,0 kg

wood rack for rubber udder

wood rack

length: 47 cm
width: 35 cm
height: 65 cm
weight: 3,0 kg

GRP cow for rubber udder

GRP cow

length: 260 cm
width: 55 cm
height: 140 cm
weight: 65 kg


The pictures of our products are only symbolic. The true design can deviate from these fotos.

This does apply particular for the cow. Our rubber-udder is mounted custom-made during manufacturing of the cow. Depending on the current design of production the cow can be in another color, posture or shape.
If a distinct design is required, this has to be stated written in your order. We shall try to fulfill your request, but is likely to increase delivery time.