Natural rubber udder

Rubber udder in the lifelike design of the teats; With a patented foam rubber insert to ensure a real milking experience.

A suitable frame is also available. The milking rack consists of a frame with a cover plate between which the rubber udder is clamped. The four legs are easily interchangeable.

The rubber udder was originally developed for teaching at agricultural technical schools to teach future farmers how to milk by hand. This ability is still necessary in our modern times, as milking machines can fail, but the cows still have to be milked. Recently our rubber udder has also been used in tourism (milking competition as “hut fun”).

Standard versions

The rubber udder is produced in the designs black, white and pink.
It should be noted, however, that the black quality is generally more robust. Only the black teats should be used in schools or for milking competitions.

The frame is available in the versions stainless steel and wood.
The stainless steel frame is made entirely of stainless steel, without painting.
The wooden frame consists of a frame made of multilayer board with unscrewable hardwood feet.

Special designs

The following special designs can be supplied to order:

No extra charge:

  • White udder with black teats
  • Teats without holes
  • Teats without foam rubber insert
    (therefore only limited functionality)
  • Mounting flange without holes

Extra charge:

  • Rubber udder red, food safe,
    resistant to fat and alcohol, udder body and teat red (approx. RAL 3017), teat without foam rubber insert (therefore only limited functionality)

technical details

The rubber udder has an edge on the top that is used as a mounting flange. This edge fits exactly into the frame and is clamped there with the help of 6 screws.

Of course, it is also possible to fit the rubber udder into a self-made frame. In this case, the rubber udders can also be supplied without holes in the mounting flange if required.

Lifespan and repair

The teats are subject to wear during milking. They become leaky and have surface cracks. Teats that have become damaged in this way can be changed yourself

Pricelist Rubber udder  
Rubber udder black € 134,00
Rubber udder white € 152,00
Rubber udder pink € 166,00
Frame without udder  
Frame, stainless steel € 310,00
Frame, wood € 310,00
Special designs  
Rubber udder white, teats black € 152,00
Rubber udder red, food safe
(without foam rubber insert impaired functionality!)
Flange without hole ohne Aufpreis
Teats without a hole ohne Aufpreis
Teats without foam rubber insert (impaired functionality!) ohne Aufpreis
Teat black, single € 14.00
Teat white, single € 14.00
Pink, single teat € 15.00

Glue (100 ml) with hardener

(Sufficient for approx. 4 teats)

€ 10.50

Repair set “black”

4 black teats and glue with hardener

€ 59,00

Repair set “white”

4 white teats and glue with hardener

€ 59,00

Replacing a damaged teat (black or white)

incl. teat, the udder is to be provided in a dismantled condition ex works in Schärding

€ 28.00

Prices per piece in euros; ex works, excl. Packaging material, excl. VAT