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Rubber Udder

Instruction for replacing the teats

1) Removing the old teat from the body:

Heat the bonded area up to 170°C, until the adhesive seperates (Use a heat gun or press to a hot metal surface). Do not exceed the temperature of approx. 190°C!

Lift with pliers the edge of the teat, and peel it off.

Let the bonding area cool down and carefully remove all remainders of adhesive.

2) Instructions for using the glue to attach a new teat:

Our adhesive is a two-component system, which should be mixed right before use.

Mix 5% - 10% curing agent with the resin and stir carefully to prevent air bubbles. A higher percentage of curing agent causes a shorter curing time, but does not improve the force of bonding.

The contact surfaces must be cleaned properly and have to be absolutely free of grease.

Roughen the contact surfaces with grinding paper.

Apply the adhesive on both contact araes using a soft brush.

Let the surfaces dry up (approx. 10 min). Take care that no draft prevails, since solvent remainders reduce the bonding force drastically.

Apply the adhesive a second time and let dry up.

Join the surfaces and press firmly. If possible let the pressure last for some minutes.

We recommend to use our original adhesive.
However, if you want to use another contact glue, please pay attention to use only such adhesives which will seperate when heated up again. Otherwise the replacement of the teat will not be possible any more.

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