solid rubber products

Solid rubber articles are articles that are manufactured in the press or by injection molding.

These include:

  • Seals
  • Rubber bellows
  • Cuffs, membranes
  • Stabilizer bearings and buffers
  • Plugs, cable grommets, hollow springs
  • Protective caps, covers
  • Hardy disks


The Hardy disc is a disc made of rubber, which is used as an elastic coupling for example with cardan shafts ensures that slight angular misalignments of the two axes are compensated. In addition, the shocks that occur when changing the speed or when the shaft starts up are dampened.

We manufacture hardy disks (flexible disks) with and without fabric insert in individual production, according to a sample or drawing.

Send us an inquiry or give us a call if you need a replacement for your hardy disk.